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Don't mess with your hair

Once a man is living with a woman his hair belongs to her.

She will give her opinion about length, haircut, shampoo, conditioner, how often you have to wash and even the hair stylist. Not really opinions, orders.

A man, even the most attentive one, hardly realizes when a woman changes her hairstyle or has a haircut. It´s not his cup of tea.

Maybe telling my story I can warn other men to ask a woman before doing anything with their own hair. This happened in Atlantida, during a summer in the 80’s, when it was fashionable to have blond hair, like surfers had. Teenagers and young adults used to lighten their hair as if it were sunkissed. I wanted to join this trend. A pharmacist gently explained I could have this effect applying hydrogen peroxide on the hair, or even better a product called Blondor, and taking some sun.

The idea was to surprise my wife. Before going to the beach I went to the bathroom and soaked my hair with Blondor, got the chairs, parasol, cooler with beer cans and we set off for another vacation day. I was trying to behave as natural as possible and invited my wife to play beach tennis. While we were playing the sun would do its work on my hair. When she realized my hair would be lighter, as the surfers, just because of a sporty day at the beach. 

Who told me not to consult an expert? Just 30 minutes under the sun and my hair got as white as snow. When my wife realized it was too late, there was no way back, my hair was totally white. I had to confess what I did and ask for help. That moment I started to learn that when we don’t ask the opinion of your wife and invade her realm you risk hurting her and, more than this, be punished. We suffer all by ourselves the consequences of our misbehaving.

She ironically laughed of my naivety, said I should have talked to her before doing this and refused to help me. Desperate I rushed home. I had to look in the mirror and evaluate the damage. A huge one, my hair was all white. I put on a baseball cap and went to the drugstore again. There was another pharmacist there, and this one suggested a hair dye to try to fix the damage. It got worse with a faded copper hue. Some people even said I was lucky, because I could have lost all my hair.

As what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger now I have full hair and every morning it remembers me thoughts, as hair, are also messy in the morning. If all care people dedicate to their hair were given to heart beauty wouldn’t be in shape or color, but in exchanges.

Men, as this doesn’t happen, for the sake of mankind, please, don’t discuss about hair with women.

Versão para o inglês - Claudia Marques

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